About Us

Our team began about a year ago, which as of writing this article is the year 2003. We are all major fans of flash entertainment. Back then, we mostly watched stick death movies from SFDT and sticksuicide. It was interesting, how the simplest form of characters could be so humorous and entertaining. Well, on one normal winter day, we were all hanging out, when the idea came to me: I know how to use Flash. Why don't we make a flash movie?

Our concept started out simple. We'd all write and layout your average fight scene between 2 sticks. I took some time to think about it. Did SFDT need yet another random stick fight? The very next day at school. I came to the group with the first script for Max Power. It caught on quite fast, to say the least. We all figured it was worth a shot. Well, we had a great script to work with, including some improvements from the others. Thing was, I wasn't exactly the best animator. I knew the basics behind frame-by-frame and tweening animation, and the concepts used to create the complex characters used in the movies. They were complex, for stick characters that is. They had faces and hair. You can tell I got my inspiration from Rob DenBleyker's Joe Zombie series. That's an amazing series by the way. Go see it now!

We realized, we'd need to come up with a name. Something for people to recognize our team by whenever they saw our movie. Originally, we were known as Team-X. It sounded okay, and the name stuck for a while. However, it just didn't sound that much like a flash animation team. It sounded more like an online gaming clan. I went to sign up for a .tk free domain, and I found that the name Team-X had been taken. Coincidentally, it was an online gaming clan! So, we came up with something better. Fuzion Entertainment with a Z was the best choice. And that's the name we stuck with.

Knowing that I could only get better by practice, I quickly got to work. The beginning of the movie proceeded incredibly quickly. We had the first scene's of the movie completely animated in a few weeks. We were on a roll. We began to lose some momentum after a while but production still went on steadily. As we worked, the plot actually undergone several changes which was probably not the best thing to do. It slowed us down quite a bit. Old scenes were often replaced either because we changed the plot around or because there was a more efficient or better looking technique to use.

That is how Fuzion and our first movie, Max Power got started. At the moment, Max Power is still being made, but the process is moving along as steadily as ever.