Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuzion Entertainment?

If you're at this site, don't you already know?

Umm... I was asking for those of us who don't?

Oh. In that case, Fuzion Entertainment is a flash animation team. The teams features Waldo, Indobidaly, and possibly Yoshiary. Waldo, (that's me) is the animator and webmaster of this here website. Indobidaly is the one with the big ideas. He's designed a huge part of the classic Max Power episode, and created most of the plot. As for Yoshiary, no one can be sure if he actually works here. We just say he does.

What programs do you use to make movies?

We use Macromedia Flash 5 to draw and animate. We use a few different programs to edit sounds. Sometimes, we just improvise with whatever we have available.

Why is there a picture of masterchief and a battlecruiser in the header?

Why not?

Will you critique my flash movie, or any other work?

Yes. For now, we don't have a lot of traffic, so we would be happy to offer our opinion on any work you show us. However, we don't want to be flooded with enormous emails. So, please, if you would like to send us any of your flash work, upload it somewhere like Photobucket and email us a link to it.

How do you animate?

That's a very big question. We don't have time to personally give you lessons on animation, but there are some articles here to help you. There are also some great sites in the links sections to get you started. If you have any specific questions, send us an email. We will try to help you however we can.

Who are J works and IWorld?

The J works Network is our hosting service. Jworks provides us with a reasonable amount of web space, and PHP for free. It's very exclusive. They create games and applications in languages such as Visual Basic. And, they have a forum to help people with programming questions. Iworld Entertainment is one of our partner teams. Iworld specializes in online entertainment. They create flash games, and are currently working on a new flash movie of their own. Check these sites out under quick links.