Max Power

Enter Max Power. The year is 2016, and the world is seeing some massive changes both technologically and socially. Modern technology has advanced incredibly, rendering most older equippment obsolete. The United Nations has taken on a new level of importance as many countries around the world have started a new campaign to end war for good. Meanwhile, many powerful terrorist cells, and rebel factions have risen to challenge the forces of peace. Among them are the International Freedom Fighters, a group of extremists that will stop at nothing to control the world. Their influence spreads quickly throughout the world as the newly formed United Nations Global Defence Forces step in to intervene. Just when the struggle can't seem any worse, somebody supplies the IFF with weapons and equippment years ahead of the UNGDF. Special Agent Max Power of the UNGDF is sent to find out why. It's a race to the bottom of the mystery as the UN pushes on to fight the greatest threat the free world has ever known.