Yup, when I'm not kept busy by school, work or life in general, I'm the artist and animator of our team. I do all of the work with Flash and Photoshop to create our movies. Usually, I help with the initial writing of our projects, but most of that is often left to the others. They do a lot of the character design as well. Once all of that work is done, I put it all together into the form of a Flash movie.

I find that animation can be fun and easy most of the time. I try not to overdo it with extremely complex sequences but every now and then I like the challenge. One of the biggest challenges I often find, is transferring what's on the paper, to the screen. Some of the finer details may be lost and some things may not look as good on screen. I often find myself changing what we had originally planned and having to compromise. The end result is usually good though.

When I'm not animating, I enjoy simply hanging out with friends, going to movies and playing video games. I'm a big fan of Halo, even though I completely suck at it, not to mention and other first person shooter. I just really like the game in general and the amazing storyline. I'm a big fan of Linkin Park. Great band, really. Umm yeah.

Some of my favourite movies are the Lord of the Rings and Matrix trilogies. No doubt, some of the best films of our time in my opinion. Well, I'm just rambling on by now, that's really all there is to say. I'd like to thank both of you out there who took the time to read this profile. How many people are going to find their way to the "About Us" page anyways?

-Waldo, Animator & Artist